North Bali Tour

Tour visits: Royal Temple Mengwi, Traditional village Baha, Bedugul, Pancasari, Gitgit Waterfall, Banjar, Blimbing, Lunch at local restaurant.

Be ready for your great day. Your first visit is Royal Temple Mengwi which is built in 17th century, this impressive and spacious temple is surrounded by a wide moat, creating the sensation of standing in the middle of a lake. The temple itself has three ascending courtyards, each representing an increasing level of perfection in the Bali Hindu cosmos.

Then we’ll visit Baha Village where the population is dominated by workers and the traditional farming community, who own wide rice fields, and by the “Subak” organization that mainly functions to regulate water distribution for irrigation. The uniformity of the typical entrance gates of the family compounds combined with the traditional housing structures present a charming appearance for the village.

Then up to Bedugul to see the interesting fruit and vegetable market, and beautiful lakeside temple. Gitgit Waterfall at Gitgit Village is our next visit. In this village you can enjoy vast coffee and clove gardens. Walking and enjoying coffee garden is a right choice if you visit Gitgit Village. 350 metres walk from the main street tracing the coffee and clove garden, you will find a waterfall about more or less 50 metres height as the highest waterfall in Bali. The road to Gitgit climbs steeply, offering fine views along the way.

After enjoying the waterfall we’ll go to Banjar Village to enjoy Air Panas, a sacred hot-spring. In 1985 the sulphurous spring water was channelled into a public bathing area consisting of 3 pools, set in a tasteful blend of jungle and garden, The water is a pleasant 38 C. There are changing rooms, showers, toilets and a restaurant. On the way back to hotel we’ll visit Blimbing Sari, a village of 250 homes in Indonesia’s tropical paradise, Bali, is said to be 100% Christian with a zero crime rate. In 1939 the inhabitants’ persecuted Christian ancestors were given land by the Dutch government as a safe haven. Today, the village is a hard-working community where children are being taught in a strong spirit of prayer.